Getting Involved with the Arts in Berea

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The art most associated with a bookstore is the art of words on paper, of pictures in the shapes of pages, of human ideas collected within bindings.  But Joe and I take a personal interest in many arts areas beyond the literary.  Not only do we have books that are themselves about music, painting, sewing, building, acting, dancing, and photography, but each of us actually has been active a long time in other areas of the arts.  I have a background as a visual artist and craftsperson and Joe as a dance teacher and now contra dance caller.

We believe the arts are the living heart of our community.  Even while we focus on books we also share a broader mission with everyone who participates in and supports the arts in Berea.  We know that together the activities of storytelling, artmaking, song, and dance are the signs of a people and a town at our very best.  For all of us, it can be difficult to make the time for artistic experiences in our lives when we’re busy, and of course the tighter our budgets are the harder it can become to make financial commitments to the arts.

The bookstore has been involved with several local art exhibits in the past, and now we are delighted to be a sponsor for the current 3-D art exhibit at the Berea Arts Council that will be on display through September and part of October.  We teamed up with a local book club as co-sponsors, and were tickled to discover there are two local authors among the exhibiting artists.  What a talented community!   It’s an engaging and diverse exhibit, and there are so many powerful sculptures on display it was hard to choose which photos to share here.

In other not-so-new news we are donating proceeds from our bargain bin outside to the Berea Festival Dancers.  Books are between a dollar and a quarter each and you can fill any bag from the bin on Fridays for only two dollars.  It really helps us find more good home for books and 100% of the proceeds are donated.  We are sending funds to nonprofit and cultural groups.  If you aren’t familiar with the Berea Festival Dancers, they are a middle school and high school group that learns and performs historical dance, and it’s open to anyone who wants to join.  Joe isn’t working with that group, but if you are interested in a family-oriented contra dance opportunity, check out our post on Facebook for info about an upcoming Father-Daughter Dance he’ll be calling for down in Somerset.

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