Do the children in your life love trains, dragons, fairies, princesses, or pirates?

Or trucks, planes, unicorns or mermaids?  This new display is one of my favorite recent updates, and it’s perfect for your young pirates and princesses.

We get requests for books on these subjects all of the time, and no wonder:  So many children delight in these favorite obsessions.  I’ve loved seeing the thoughtful fascination of each of my children, as hours add up into months spent with books on their favorites of these, reading, drawing, chatting, and pretending about their chosen theme.  As a parent, such a focused passion for anything is something I want to nourish, and in the bookstore I’ve always wanted to offer easy access with a spot with sections for the most popular of these special interests. I’ve seen areas like that in a few other bookstores, and finally we made up our own version–we even used recycled materials for the project.


We are keeping a few favorites stocked for different ages, ranging from sturdy vehicle board books and Thomas the Tank Engine to the complex interactive art in Fairyopolis and Dragonology. We even have a few easy readers here with fairies, unicorns, and the pirates of the “Pirate School” series.  As you can see, they’re also sharing space with our coloring books and paper dolls.  Books in small bookstores do get rather cozy that way.

Instead of a temporary discount to celebrate this update, I am introducing a new discount that’s in effect every day and that applies to a lot of our new children’s books, such as easy readers, coloring books, and paperback fiction.  We increase our regular discount to 25% off publisher’s list price when you buy any four new books under $10.00.  This discount actually beats  Amazon’s 4-for-3 deal, includes more titles, and applies to both in-stock and special orders!

If you have a wish list of paperback chapter books, board books, or easy readers for your kids, you can save money and shop locally at the same time.  If you’re ordering, you can just make your request by phone, email, or even Facebook message.

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