Learn a Little Something for Fun: Selected New Arrivals in Nonfiction

9780143114963USED PAPERBACK The arrival of a used Michael Pollan book is a bright spot in my bookselling day. Five years after publication his “In Defense of Food” is well-established as a classic in its field, and it’s still flying off the shelves here in Berea. This book’s continuing relevance is due to its success in sorting through the huge and confusing volume of food and nutrition information to establish a few simple nutritional truths. He challenges many of our established assumptions about food. He introduces the reader to the influential studies of Weston A. Price, questions the lipid hypothesis–the foundation of the pervasive low-fat diet recommendations, tackles the impact of industrial food production and our reliance on simple carbohydrates to “feed a hungry world”.  Pollan’s concepts are the perfect starting point for any conversation about modern food politics or your personal quest for better health.

9781590208540DISCOUNTED NEW HARDCOVER Subtitled “The Secret Anarchy of Science” the book “Free Radicals” by Michael Brooks instantly piqued my curiosity. Who doesn’t want to have a peek at the political dramas and most roguish behaviors of some of our most famous lab dwellers? What is a scientist, I wonder? How far off is our image of the serious scholar and his innocently methodical methods?  It’s hard to commit to an unknown author for the price of a brand-new hardcover, but his one has an extra discount so it’s 35% off its original list price–and our 65% buyback policy also applies to this title.

9780156031448USED PAPERBACK Temple Grandin is famous for her unique perspective as an autistic author and animal scientist. She actually deliberately uses the differences of her autistic brain to her advantage to uncover insights that have helped her rise to the top of her field as a scientist. Relevant to anyone interested in psychology or animals, and an inspiring read for anyone seeking successful role models for people with Asperger’s syndrome or autism.  This book is already well-established as a classic in her areas of study.


9780143119463NEW PAPERBACK @ 20% OFF LIST PRICE Titles on the natural history of a single food have become increasingly popular in the last decade. This one reviews the past of and hypothesizes about the future of four major fish in nature and the human food system. Here I live in my ignorance in landlocked central Kentucky, including nonlocal seafood in my diet regularly, and I realized I was almost completely ignorant about the sources of that fish.  I’ve learned to think of fish as a nutritional miracle food, and worry about the realities of declining quality and supply. I have a strong personal curiosity about the vulnerabilities of our modern food supply, and this book satisfied that curiosity even if it did add to my worries for our children and future grandchildren. Learn about not only the environmental issues, but also the politics and cultural concerns affecting fish while you glimpse the world of fish harvesting and fish farming in this focused analysis.

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