New Weekly Book Feature Series

Books for Life’s Journeys:

We are starting this series of post to feature some of the great finds to be discovered here at Robie Books. The diversity of our selection is one of the best things about browsing here–so many surprises! To help us choose our titles, we’ve chosen a theme using the traditional rhyme that offers advicefor new brides: “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.” Each week we will pick one book for each category, but switch the word “borrowed” for a wild card adjective. The rhyme still rhymes that way, and we can have a little bit more fun with that one. I’ll post a photo of each book and tell you why it caught our eye.

SOMETHING OLD: Mary Poppins by P. L. Travers Mary PoppinsThis is a new copy of an old classic in hardcover with the original illustrations and cover art. I remember reading every title in the Mary Poppins series when I was eight years old in the early 80s in heavily-worn hardcover editions–it was a period when I read free range for many hours in the small children’s room of the academic library where my mother worked.This particular book contains a revised chapter which, as it was originally published in 1934, contained content that was deemed racist. Due to this controversial content, Mary Poppins is included on banned book lists, and most notably was banned in 1980 by the San Francisco Public Library system. I appreciate that the P. L. Travers was able to complete the revision herself. It would be interesting to read both versions for comparison and discover more about that piece of little history. I enjoyed reading this interview with P. L. Travers which includes discussion of the Zen quality of the stories as well as her revisions to the book.  Our gift-quality edition lets you share a connection with Mary Poppins’ one-of-a-kind fantasy magic delivered with the historical flavor of the period.

SOMETHING NEW: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s StoneHarry PotterIt’s not the story here that is new, of course. Harry Potter is already established as a modern classic, but I am really enamored with the brand new cover art on this edition by famous graphic novel artist Kazuo Kibuishi. Kibuishi is the creator of two of our favorite graphic novel series: the eight-edition graphic anthology Flight  and Amulet one of our favorite graphic novels for gradeschool readers. If you are ready to begin Harry Potter’s adventures all over again with any of the children in your life this season, give this cover a look and see if you agree that Kazuo Kibuishi has added something special to the story with his glowing artwork.

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