Features Part Two: Something Cozy and Something Blue

Something Old, Something New, Something COZY, Something Blue

I can put just about any adjective in this rhyme for book pick #3, and this week we picked “cozy.” This perfectly cozy book is the classic “Fix-It and Forget It Cookbook”.


Without really thinking about it I included four different plans for different soups when I shopped for this week’s groceries. The season of soups is surely upon us, ready or not, and I know I feel busier than ever.  This slow cooker cookbook includes plenty of soups alongside other hearty recipes perfect for the season.  These chilly and damp days combined with the busy life of parents, teachers, and anyone else with a complicated schedule make this cookbook the ideal passport to the kind of meals we need right now. Preparation in the morning for a hot homecooked meal on the table in the evening can make your home a cozy home without the extra stress from trying to cram way too much into the short hours after work and school.

Something “Blue” … I wonder how random will these selections be? Browsing for books for their color alone makes me think of the decorators who buy books just for ambiance and color to add to their plans for a room, and of those delightful photos I’ve seen where entire book collections have been reorganized in a rainbows in the shelves for visual effect.  So this one is blue and that’s the first thing I know about it, having admittedly judged it by its cover:


This is a Batman graphic novel called “The Long Halloween” and after judging its cover, I did a little bit of research to find out about it. This title has received rave reviews from fans as “epic noir” and is acclaimed as a classic. A hot seller in the newest edition (2011) this out-of-print 1999 edition is selling at lower prices for the same great content. We can recommend this one whether you want an entertaining graphic novel OR just a bookish splash of something blue to complement your decorating scheme.

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